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Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler pedigree database!
Welcome to the online Lancashire Heeler Pedigree database.
Together with James Cotton I developed the Dobermann Pedigree Database in 1998. You can find that database here . Now, because I own Lancashire Heelers, I wanted a database that would do the same for this rare and special breed. Together with some good friends I have succeeded. The most important element is the inbreeding coefficient of the pups, discovered by using the virtual mating tool. In this way breeders can know the relationship between any two parents before a mating takes place.

For more individual information about the dogs in this database please visit the websites of the kennel clubs per Country

Wendy Buurma-Annijas
Roseadore Ambassador Andy
Name Roseadore Ambassador Andy (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Dolly Rush (Roseadore)
Gender male
father Acremead Solo of Bowanne
mother Acremead Buzz
Picture Unknown
Picture taken/owned by / Call name of the dog
Date of birth 03/23/1985
Date deceased
Cause of death
Color Black/Tan
Thumbprints Unknown
Coat length other than normal
Extra info about the dogs color
Pedigreebook Finland - SF/FIN
Pedigreenumber SF24867N/85
Country and pedigreenumber of origin UK KCK3554201K09
Patella Luxation Unknown
Date patella research
PLL-DNA-test Unknown
CEA-DNA-test Unknown
Date clinical eye research
Clinical Eye Test PLL Unknown
Clinical Eye Test CEA unknown
Clinical Eye Test PPM Unknown
Clinical Eye Test Cataract Unknown
Extra health information
Extra / Owner information about the dog
Website/Facebook page of the dog
Inbred percentage 21.1914 %
10 Animals found.
Name Date of birth Date deceased Color Pedigreebook
Catellus Twiggy 01/26/1988 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Catellus Uffe Andersson 01/20/1989 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Catellus Urpo Antinpoika 01/20/1989 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Catellus Uska Pikkulilli 01/20/1989 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Catellus Venla 06/09/1989 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Catellus Wilma 06/09/1989 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Eijatuun Wellcome Santa 12/21/1995 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Eijatuun Whippoorwill 12/21/1995 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Eijatuun White Xmas 12/21/1995 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Eijatuun Wonderfulcasper 12/21/1995 Black/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Brothers and sisters
Added by LH1
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