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Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler pedigree database!
Welcome to the online Lancashire Heeler Pedigree database.
Together with James Cotton I developed the Dobermann Pedigree Database in 1998. You can find that database here . Now, because I own Lancashire Heelers, I wanted a database that would do the same for this rare and special breed. Together with some good friends I have succeeded. The most important element is the inbreeding coefficient of the pups, discovered by using the virtual mating tool. In this way breeders can know the relationship between any two parents before a mating takes place.

For more individual information about the dogs in this database please visit the websites of the kennel clubs per Country

Wendy Buurma-Annijas
Enid Lord (Foxthyme)
Last name Lord (Foxthyme)
First name Enid
Email address
Website http://
Owner of Bonnemin's Moons-Rose
Classic Crown
Delsteps Ana of Foxthyme
Delsteps Madonna of Foxthyme
Doddsline Gizmo
Embages Tom Fool For Foxthyme
Foxthyme Bradley
Foxthyme Buttons and Bows
Foxthyme Chocolate Mousse
Foxthyme Ellie
Foxthyme Ellis
Foxthyme For Your Eyes Only
Foxthyme Gromit
Foxthyme Heskey
Foxthyme Imogen
Foxthyme Material Girl
Foxthyme Mocha Millettia
Foxthyme Orinoco
Foxthyme Play Away
Foxthyme Playful Kate
Foxthyme Shanice
Foxthyme Special Memory
Foxthyme Te Anau
Foxthyme Tomsk
Moonglade's Deal Or No Deal
Myheels Bartender At Foxthyme
Penny of Lea Rig
Tushielaw Daniel
Breeder of Foxthyme Alexandra
Foxthyme Alfie
Foxthyme Allen
Foxthyme Ambassador
Foxthyme Annie
Foxthyme Aria
Foxthyme Arther
Foxthyme Asha
Foxthyme Back To Back
Foxthyme Back To Black
Foxthyme Bailey
Foxthyme Bambi
Foxthyme Bart
Foxthyme Basher
Foxthyme Beckham
Foxthyme Beech Boy
Foxthyme Beguiling
Foxthyme Bekah At Jestikka
Foxthyme Ben
Foxthyme Billie Jean
Foxthyme Billy Badger At Papton
Foxthyme Birthday Gift
Foxthyme Bits And Pieces
Foxthyme Bizzie lizzie
Foxthyme Black Bettie
Foxthyme Black Velvet
Foxthyme Blur
Foxthyme Bobbys Girl
Foxthyme Bon Jovi
Foxthyme Bonnie Laddie
Foxthyme Braddoon
Foxthyme Bradley
Foxthyme Bramble Berry At Sunhaze
Foxthyme Bridget Jones
Foxthyme Brogan
Foxthyme Brossen
Foxthyme Bucks Fizz
Foxthyme Buttons
Foxthyme Buttons and Bows
Foxthyme By Eck
Foxthyme Camilla
Foxthyme Candy
Foxthyme Cappuccino
Foxthyme Captain Hastings
Foxthyme Caramel
Foxthyme Caraway
Foxthyme Charles
Foxthyme Charlie Brown
Foxthyme Charlie Farley
Foxthyme Chocolate Buttons
Foxthyme Chocolate Fudge
Foxthyme Chocolate Mousse
Foxthyme Chocolate Wafer
Foxthyme Chocolaty Claire At Delfran
Foxthyme Chubby Brown
Foxthyme Chunky Monkey
Foxthyme Cocoa Pop
Foxthyme Coffee
Foxthyme Colbre Vicki
Foxthyme Coleridge
Foxthyme Cotton On
Foxthyme Cover Girl
Foxthyme Crown Jewel
Foxthyme Crystal
Foxthyme Cuthbert in Tumlex
Foxthyme Dandy Lion
Foxthyme Della
Foxthyme Dianne
Foxthyme Diggle Green
Foxthyme Dillwood
Foxthyme Dinky Model
Foxthyme Diplomat
Foxthyme Discovery
Foxthyme Divine Laddie
Foxthyme Dolly Mixture
Foxthyme Double O'Seven
Foxthyme Dream On
Foxthyme Dressed In Black
Foxthyme East Seventeen
Foxthyme Eck As Like
Foxthyme Eleanor With Troutop
Foxthyme Eliza
Foxthyme Ellenor
Foxthyme Ellie
Foxthyme Elliot
Foxthyme Ellis
Foxthyme Enigma
Foxthyme Envoy
Foxthyme Espresso
Foxthyme Eurythmic
Foxthyme Exclusive
Foxthyme Felicity
Foxthyme Ferdinand
Foxthyme Finnegan Bell
Foxthyme Finnegans Sequel
Foxthyme For Your Eyes Only
Foxthyme Forget-Me-Not
Foxthyme Forrest
Foxthyme Foxtrot
Foxthyme Frank
Foxthyme Frankie
Foxthyme Freda
Foxthyme Freddie
Foxthyme Freelander
Foxthyme Fudge
Foxthyme Gentleman Jim
Foxthyme Gertie
Foxthyme Ginger Bread
Foxthyme Girl Friday
Foxthyme Gold Doubloon
Foxthyme Golden Brown
Foxthyme Golly Miss Molly
Foxthyme Gracie Fields At Annicar
Foxthyme Gromit
Foxthyme Haka
Foxthyme Harmony
Foxthyme Harry
Foxthyme Hayley
Foxthyme Heather
Foxthyme Heir Apparent
Foxthyme Helena
Foxthyme Henrietta
Foxthyme Henry
Foxthyme Herbert
Foxthyme Herbie Goes Dutch
Foxthyme Hershey
Foxthyme Heskey
Foxthyme Heskin
Foxthyme Hidden Treasure
Foxthyme Highland Boy
Foxthyme Highland Laddie
Foxthyme Honeysuckle
Foxthyme Horatio
Foxthyme Hovis
Foxthyme Huggy Bear
Foxthyme Humprey Hedgehog
Foxthyme Im A Clown
Foxthyme Imogen
Foxthyme Indie
Foxthyme Infusion
Foxthyme Ingol Girl
Foxthyme James Bond
Foxthyme Jamie
Foxthyme Jasmin
Foxthyme Jelly Bean
Foxthyme Jennie
Foxthyme Jenny Wren
Foxthyme Jenson
Foxthyme Jessica Ennis
Foxthyme Jester
Foxthyme Johti
Foxthyme Jonathan
Foxthyme Jordie
Foxthyme Josephine
Foxthyme Jude
Foxthyme Just Chance
Foxthyme Just Kate
Foxthyme Just William
Foxthyme Katie
Foxthyme Keown
Foxthyme Kerikeri
Foxthyme Kingdom
Foxthyme Kirk
Foxthyme Kumala
Foxthyme Lady Hamilton
Foxthyme Lancashire Lass
Foxthyme Lara
Foxthyme Last Chance
Foxthyme Latte
Foxthyme Libby
Foxthyme Lisa
Foxthyme Little Dorry at Heelstone
Foxthyme Little Model At Waldemar
Foxthyme Lockie
Foxthyme Lord Byron
Foxthyme Lord Protector
Foxthyme Lucy
Foxthyme Mancu
Foxthyme Maori
Foxthyme Material Girl
Foxthyme McKeever
Foxthyme Mini Cooper
Foxthyme Minnie Firefly
Foxthyme Miss Faversham
Foxthyme Miss Marpeline
Foxthyme Mo Farah
Foxthyme Mocha Millettia
Foxthyme Molly The Mole
Foxthyme Moneypenny
Foxthyme Moonglow
Foxthyme Mountain Heather
Foxthyme Mr Dobby At Olpenden
Foxthyme Mr Fitzherbert
Foxthyme Mr Flintoff
Foxthyme Mr Lockwood
Foxthyme Mr Tobias
Foxthyme Mrs Jones
Foxthyme Nataash
Foxthyme Natasha
Foxthyme Needles And Pins
Foxthyme Nell Gwynn
Foxthyme Neville
Foxthyme Nippy Newton
Foxthyme Noir
Foxthyme Oasis
Foxthyme Olive
Foxthyme Oliver Cromwell
Foxthyme Orinoco
Foxthyme Otira
Foxthyme Our Gracie
Foxthyme Out Of Reach
Foxthyme Outward Bound
Foxthyme Owen Of Russiatree
Foxthyme Paint It Black
Foxthyme Paris
Foxthyme Peggy
Foxthyme Penny
Foxthyme Penny Black
Foxthyme Penny Farthing
Foxthyme Pennys From Heaven
Foxthyme Penwortham
Foxthyme Perry
Foxthyme Pickwick Papers
Foxthyme Pieces Of Eight
Foxthyme Pirate King
Foxthyme Play Away
Foxthyme Play Girl
Foxthyme Play It Again Sam
Foxthyme Playful Kate
Foxthyme Pollyanna
Foxthyme Primrose
Foxthyme Rainbarrow
Foxthyme Rebecca
Foxthyme Rebecca Gillies
Foxthyme Red Alert
Foxthyme Red D'Eddy
Foxthyme Red D'Teddy
Foxthyme Regal Heir
Foxthyme Right Said Fred
Foxthyme Roberta
Foxthyme Rochester
Foxthyme Roger Rabbit
Foxthyme Rooney
Foxthyme Rosabel
Foxthyme Roxburgh
Foxthyme Royal Master
Foxthyme Royal Occasion
Foxthyme Sali
Foxthyme Sally Snicker
Foxthyme Sarah
Foxthyme Savanna Of Normansville
Foxthyme Secret Treasure
Foxthyme Shaken Not Stirred
Foxthyme Shanice
Foxthyme Silver Sixpence
Foxthyme Six Of One
Foxthyme Sixpenny Rhyme
Foxthyme Sonia
Foxthyme Sophie
Foxthyme Special Day
Foxthyme Special Edition
Foxthyme Special Memory
Foxthyme Special Occasion
Foxthyme Spring Girl
Foxthyme Stan The Man
Foxthyme Stiltskin
Foxthyme Stitch In Time
Foxthyme Stormin Norman
Foxthyme Suchard
Foxthyme Take That
Foxthyme Tane
Foxthyme Te Anau
Foxthyme The Names Bond
Foxthyme Threepenny Bit
Foxthyme Tobermory
Foxthyme Toffee Crisp
Foxthyme Toggles
Foxthyme Tom Thumb
Foxthyme Tomsk
Foxthyme Touchstone
Foxthyme Treasure Chest
Foxthyme Treasure Island
Foxthyme Trixie
Foxthyme Trouble At Mill
Foxthyme True Colour
Foxthyme Una
Foxthyme Victoria
Foxthyme Vistula
Foxthyme Wallace
Foxthyme Wellington
Foxthyme Westwood Vision
Foxthyme William
Foxthyme Willow The Wisp
Foxthyme Windy Willows
Foxthyme Winston
Foxthyme You Two
Foxthyme Zander
Foxthyme Zena
Foxthyme Zoe
Macs Folly
Pearlie Gail
Pure Guiness
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