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Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler pedigree database!
Welcome to the online Lancashire Heeler Pedigree database.
Together with James Cotton I developed the Dobermann Pedigree Database in 1998. You can find that database here . Now, because I own Lancashire Heelers, I wanted a database that would do the same for this rare and special breed. Together with some good friends I have succeeded. The most important element is the inbreeding coefficient of the pups, discovered by using the virtual mating tool. In this way breeders can know the relationship between any two parents before a mating takes place.

For more individual information about the dogs in this database please visit the websites of the kennel clubs per Country

Wendy Buurma-Annijas
Villa Lanca's Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
Villa Lanca's Getting Some Fun Out Of Life

Date of birth : 11/03/2019
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : FI54440/19
Mustan Linnan Kimrooki

Date of birth : 09/21/2013
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER50387/13
Tumlex At-Water

Date of birth : 05/19/2007
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER15747/08
Bonnemin's Ares

Date of birth : 02/06/2004
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : S2188/2004
Tumlex O'Whitney

Date of birth : 10/17/2004
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : S62821/2004
Kotisaaren Adeliina

Date of birth : 01/28/2010
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER17998/10
Animalcompaniets Dusty Cowboy

Date of birth : 01/24/2003
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER21790/03
Marmalade's Artemis

Date of birth : 05/04/2006
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER28940/06
Hightide's Black Beauty

Date of birth : 07/05/2017
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : FI41428/17
Daamin Sisu-Sinkkupoika

Date of birth : 01/31/2015
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER17187/15
Jarabindan Lajazz Luka Liver

Date of birth : 07/05/2011
Color : Liver/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER44609/11
Wilhelmiina (ER58728/12)

Date of birth : 11/17/2012
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER58728/12
Miliisin Luvinia MC' Tudor

Date of birth : 04/24/2014
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER32646/14
Mirox Earl Angus Le Beau

Date of birth : 08/04/2011
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : SE52674/2011
Marmalade's Key of Dreams

Date of birth : 07/03/2011
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : ER43127/11
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