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Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler pedigree database!
Welcome to the online Lancashire Heeler Pedigree database.
Together with James Cotton I developed the Dobermann Pedigree Database in 1998. You can find that database here . Now, because I own Lancashire Heelers, I wanted a database that would do the same for this rare and special breed. Together with some good friends I have succeeded. The most important element is the inbreeding coefficient of the pups, discovered by using the virtual mating tool. In this way breeders can know the relationship between any two parents before a mating takes place.

For more individual information about the dogs in this database please visit the websites of the kennel clubs per Country

Wendy Buurma-Annijas
Doddsline Revil
Doddsline Revil

Date of birth : 10/10/2002
Color : Liver/Tan
Pedigreenumber : S46512/2008
Doddsline Lester

Date of birth : 05/05/2001
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber :
Doddsline Henery

Date of birth : 04/01/1993
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber :
Doddsline Ben

Date of birth : 02/18/1985
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCL95735L04
Doddsline Tea Rose

Date of birth : 05/11/1991
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCR3014101R03
Doddsline Milly

Date of birth : 03/27/1997
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCSB0475CJ
Doddsline Cracer

Date of birth : 06/23/1995
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCSB2681CJ
Doddsline Emily

Date of birth : 05/26/1992
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCS3828703S03
Doddsline Tracy

Date of birth : 11/26/2000
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber :
Doddsline Kristen

Date of birth : 07/02/1996
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : SBN 0473CJ
Doddsline Lord at Swanndale

Date of birth : 06/07/1992
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCSB474CJ
Doddsline Lady Sarah

Date of birth : 10/10/1993
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCU1576401U02
Doddsline Monica

Date of birth : 07/15/1994
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCU4027802U04
Doddsline Danny Boy of Scarlac

Date of birth : 04/24/1991
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCR3014001R03
Doddsline Miranda

Date of birth : 10/16/1992
Color : Black/Tan
Pedigreenumber : KCT943502T01
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