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Welcome to the Lancashire Heeler pedigree database!
Welcome to the online Lancashire Heeler Pedigree database.
Together with James Cotton I developed the Dobermann Pedigree Database in 1998. You can find that database here . Now, because I own Lancashire Heelers, I wanted a database that would do the same for this rare and special breed. Together with some good friends I have succeeded. The most important element is the inbreeding coefficient of the pups, discovered by using the virtual mating tool. In this way breeders can know the relationship between any two parents before a mating takes place.

For more individual information about the dogs in this database please visit the websites of the kennel clubs per Country

Wendy Buurma-Annijas
25 dogs match your request. Showing 1-25 (1 pages)
Name Date of birth Date deceased Color Pedigreebook
Axa’s Warrior Of Dead Marches 06/10/2018 Black/Tan Belgium - LOSH
Clogmills Bellatrix Van Detta 10/01/2018 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Elody Se Distinguer 11/15/2016 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Flora Fayette Se Distinguer 12/24/2018 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Gentleman On Tiptoe Se Distinguer 06/01/2019 Black/Tan Sweden - SKK
Grill Son Of The Dragon 02/13/2022 Liver/Tan Norway - NKK
Heelstone Iris 04/14/2020 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Homeros Hazard Se Distinguer 09/23/2020 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Marmalade's Nugatti 07/01/2014 Liver/Tan Finland - SF/FIN
Midsomer's Bouncing Nordic Power 01/27/20012 Black/Tan Sweden - SKK
Midsomer's Future Special Edition 10/23/2017 Black/Tan Sweden - SKK
Midsomer's Heart Of Miracle 10/11/2021 Black/Tan Sweden - SKK
Parabar Paxton's Patent 03/10/2017 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Simonsville Clear Sky 08/13/2020 Liver/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Simonsville Clear Vision 08/13/2020 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Simonsville Clear Water 08/13/2020 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Sukelyas Calliope 10/12/2013 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Sukelyas Dawn to Dusk Birdie 10/21/2013 Black/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Sukelyas Eloy 02/26/2017 Liver/Tan Netherlands - NHSB
Tumlex Quick Casey 03/10/2015 Black/Tan Sweden - SKK
Villemoon's Mrs Fitzgibbons 12/18/2018 Liver/Tan Sweden - SKK
Weordune Bregu Beornwynn 02/26/2017 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Weordune Cuen Acha 02/26/2017 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Weordune Cuen Elfflaed 02/26/2017 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
Weordune Cuen Elfwynn 02/26/2017 Black/Tan United Kingdom - KC
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